Sunday, July 31, 2016

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs.... give credit where credit is due...

As a mother and wife I make plenty of food items that I would never eat, for me it's eggs. Don't get me wrong I like scrambled eggs or an omelet, but when it comes to any other type of egg fried or boiled no thank you. I cook hard-boiled eggs for my husband, but in recent months I have not been doing it very well.  Hi ho to the internet I go...  
I have tried a few different ways of boiling eggs, from Coldwater to start then warm water to boil,the eggs are good but hard to peel. Nothing was working, but the one that seems to work I found on The Pioneer Woman's page.

I used this way of boiling eggs and they are cooked perfectly and easy to peel.

Once you make food the husband loves, you have them hooked! I love to cook and I am so glad I found the perfect way to cook hard boiled eggs. You're never too old to learn new tricks.

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