Tuesday, July 7, 2009

LOBSTER July 3rd 2009

OK after 24 years in New England I finally got to pick out and cook my own lobster. Dare you laugh? Well you should, because I have worked at over 10 restaurants and have had my own kitchen for over 11 years, and I love Lobster. So why did it take me too long to do it my self? Not sure? So Friday while at work my hubby decided to have lobster for dinner. What a nice surprise to come home to right? Not really, we had to go to the store and pick out a lobster for the two of us, while the children had take out Chinese food!

We picked a 2.78 lb lobster, seemed like the biggest one there!

Pretty pricey too, but hey it was a holiday weekend and a treat for us. The boys were excited about the lobster, and on the car ride home the 4 year old was saying hi to it as it was triple bagged below his feet in the car. We got this big boy home and put him in the sink so it could breath a bit before the boiling pot of doom.

After getting the pot of water and salt going to a raging boil we as a family dropped the lobster into the pot! As instructed head first and tail up. And after 20 minutes in the simmering water our lobster had changed into a nice pinkish red and was ready to indulge on.

After pulling the lobster from the water we placed it in a strainer and drained the water from it.

We then melted some butter and separated the fat from the pan and drew out the butter to dip the lobster in.

After a few minutes of cooling we then cut the lobster up so we could get the meat from the tail, legs and claws!

I was disappointed because I was the only one eating most of the lobster. Troy took a few bites and said that he remembered why it was so many years since having lobster, and that just was not his favorite thing. So there I was me and 2.78 lb lobster.

I took my time and really enjoyed each bite after all the hard work of removing the meat from the shell. In all I would make lobster for my self and leave everyone else out of it, even though Trevor (7) liked it but not enough to ask for seconds.

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