Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Grilled Pizza

Alright - Since the last time I grilled pizza I have been dreaming of such an amazing flavor in my pizza - however the wonderful weather of new england has really put a dampper on my grilling season. If you can say there is such a thing as a Season, because most people in new england grill all year round, right? Ok well I know I do.

So back to this awesome pizza, and tonight I had three additional people so we had to make four pizzas! It was crazy! First I had to double the batch of dough. Which is fine till you need to find counter space in a very small kitchen. So that was done! On to broiling the bacon without burning it, left it is the hands of the hubby and 4 peices of a whole pound of bacon get over cooked, but the rest was perfectly cooked and yummy.

Then I had to prep all the other toppings! Onions and gree peppers. Now I love peppers, and never get them since 3 of the 4 people normally in our house DO NOT LIKE Peppers. But today we had one of our neices who loved them so on our pizza they went. YUM
Yet another sucessful grilled dinner times 4!
On to more grilling adventures.

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