Saturday, August 1, 2009

Grilled Corn yummmmmy!!

Purchase Corn - :)

Husk it down till there are two layers left of the husk and then cut the end of the silk off but not to the corn

Fill Large pot with cold water, enough to cover all the peices of corn you have to grill.

Take corn and put is all in the pot of cold water

Then Put a heavy bowl on all the corn to stop them from floating.

Let the corn sit for 15 minutes or more.

Start Grill and set it to medium heat.

If you have a charcole grill start the fire earlier and get the charcole to a nice white.Remove the corn from the large pot just before putting on the grill
Hold the corn away from you and down so most of the water drains off

Place on the grill together in a bunch
Turn about every five minutes

Allow the husk to burn, sealing in the sweetness of the corn.

Should take about 20 minutes on medium heat!

* if you are also grilling burgers you can keep warm on the top rack after they are pretty much finished.

Take them off the grill with tongs

Rinse with warm water till all the silk has been pulled off, do not use cold water!!

Garnish with Butter, flavord salt or shake on cheese

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